Our Enterprise division has developed turnkey solutions for enterprises ranging from small to Fortune 500. Our team's competitive advantage includes our high technical competence and longtime experience designing, implementing, shipping, and supporting products.

A Focus on Research and Development

Novaleaf is a R&D focused organization.  Our areas of expertise are as follows:

Application Development
  • Web applications
    • B2B Applications
    • Web Services (SOAP, REST, XMLRPC, etc.)
    • DSS and data/metric reporting
    • Social networking websites
  • Desktop Applications
    • Windows services and client applications with deep OS integration
    • Mini-applications, such as Widgets or Sidebar applications

Database Solutions

Data storage and retrieval is a critical part of virtually all modern applications. As data increases in both size and complexity, robust, scalable, and fast solutions are needed. Novaleaf is capable of developing and managing databases solutions ranging from miniature to multi-terrabyte

  • Database design and implementation
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Both OLTP and OLAP (datamining) expertise

System and Code Security

As "black-hat" hackers become more organized and the trend of for-profit attacks increases in pervasiveness, "security by design" is a necessity. All networked software needs to be security hardened and a threat analysis must be performed to protect your company from constant threat.

  • Cryptographic solutions providers, PKI, etc.
  • Threat analysis and attack vector identification
  • Systems hardening and intrusion prevention
  • PII security and authenticity verification

Scientific Simulations

Scientific Simulations require robust, bug-free, and very specialized solutions, based on their specific need, including algorithms that meet the mathematical equation and modeling needs. These simulations tend to engage numerous calculations over massive data volumes, causing a computationally intensive system. It is highly desirable to write solutions that scale with multiple cores and multiple systems.

  • Multithreaded N-Core (and N-System) simulations
  • Scientifically accurate modeling and data precision
  • GIS: data import, export, and systems integration
  • Spatial and temporal visualization of model inputs and outputs

Video Games

Video games are one of the most complex type of software that can be created. Not only are Video Games real-time simulations, but they must be visually accurate in their modeling and offer fast user input response. Last, but not least, they must be fun.

  • Cross-platform (PC, XBOX360, Zune)
  • Advanced visualization expertise (HLSL, 3d Modeling, procedural animation)
  • Expertise at complex (multi person, multi month) projects
  • MMO design and development
  • Full production staff (Director, Asset Creation, etc)
  • R&D, Product Prototyping

Concept Prototyping

Before any idea becomes reality, it is of vital importance for your company to prototype the idea. In order for this to work in an outsourced manner, rapid design and functional prototyping with daily deliverables (based on work/feedback loops) is often necessary.

  • Quick design prototyping of diverse applications (all above competency areas)
  • Graphical design only prototypes
  • 3d modeling expertise for photo-realistic mockups