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Novaleaf gives you Niva & Nini !

Niva is the original logo of Novaleaf Software Company Limited. He is not an apple nor a tooth, but nobody at Novaleaf seems to know what he is!

Nevertheless, you can be sure that wherever you see him, you see a product with advanced technology from Novaleaf.

At Novaleaf Game Studios, his appearance also means expertise. This includes games created specifically for those who love challenges and want to be mastery of the game (hard-core gamers), real-time simulation technology, and core systems for making great games.

Now, Niva has been showing off himself a lot since the start of the company. This makes most people unaware of the fact that he has a little sister, Nini.

This fact should come to no surprise considering the fact that Nini is not into technologies like her brother.

Her existence remains so secretive until Novaleaf Game Studios decides to venture into game markets for family, casual gamers, and social-game players.

Nini is now working closely with the game studios on a new game project. Though, the project is a secret for the moment. You can be sure that her appearance could only mean fun and enjoyable time for you to share with your family and your friends.