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Novaleaf is always looking for generally talented individuals to fill pre-existing or novel positions within our organization.  We offer jobs and internship in all related fields to Game/Software Development and Business. We've provided a list of job categories and description for our most common positions; however, we strongly encourage all passionate and intelligent individuals to contact us to find out if they can be a part of our team

Working at Novaleaf

Novaleaf doesn't just hire smart and hardworking people – we help them achieve greatness. At Novaleaf, all members receive competitive salaries and world class benefits. We believe that creative freedom, an emphasis on learning, a fun environment, and good old fashioned hard work are integral to helping our talented and diverse employees reach their full potential.

This is not just marketing mumbo-jumbo. For starters, employees are allowed to spend 20 percent of their work time working on projects of their own choosing. On any given day, you will probably run into Novaleaf employees discussing technology in the lounge, reading books from our vast collections, or playing new-released games on a sofa. At Novaleaf, staying educated is one of our top corporate priorities.

Novaleaf employees work closely with one another; and group collaboration is essential. Our “group-cluster” work environment makes this high degree of integration possible. For people used to working independently, this does require some adjustment. However, the resulting gain in productivity, social connections, and team spirit are incredible.

Our Hiring Policy

Novaleaf's hiring policy is non-discriminatory. Employees are treated equally regardless of race, religion, gender, or social status. Novaleaf values ability and potential over experience and education, though all of these attributes are carefully weighed when screening potential employees. Novaleaf's hiring policies ensure that each employee is valued for their individual contributions, and each employee is treated equally.

Our Benefits Package

It's easier for employees to thrive in a culture and environment which respects their contribution. And, we do! We offer Novaleaf employees a generous collection of benefits in order to ensure Novaleaf is an exciting, healthy and productive place for them to work.

Here's some of the many benefits Novaleaf employees enjoy:

Compensation benefits

  • Competitive salaries
  • Annual bonuses
  • Health insurance
  • Profit sharing
  • Annual review system

Time Off

  • Vacation and holidays
  • Maternity and sick leave
  • Emergency leave

Discounts and 'Freebies'

  • Free drinks
  • Free dinner
  • Public transportation subsidies
  • Employee discount on hardware and software
  • Lunch delivery service

Other Benefits

  • Cutting edge hardware. Dual LCD's, dual or quad proc developer setups, etc.
  • R&D Time: Spend 20% of your time pursuing projects or educational goals you are passionate about
  • A 'work hard, play hard environment'
  • An employee lounge outfitted with a TV, DVD/CD player, XBOX 360 and "cool furniture" to lounge, play or sleep on!
  • A respectful, relaxed, and diverse environment
  • Fair-minded managers who truly understand technology
  • Be part of a team who cares about each other
  • An progressive culture without a lot of bureaucracy

Novaleaf is always pursuing novel and unique compensation, benefit and cultural ideas. We do this to build a better world for our employees. Our goal is not only about to produce innovation and profit - but a world that's truly wonderful to create technology in.

Think you might be a fit?

If the thought of working for a company with these sorts ideals excites you, send us your resume and a letter of introduction.