Preparing your CV/resume

  • General information
    • PDF, Microsoft Word, text or HTML formats are acceptable.
    • All documents must be submitted in English.
    • Send essential personal information and be sure to include your name, email, and how to contact you in the resume.
  • Educational background
    • Include all high-school and above degrees and transcript if possible.
    • Provide a brief description of any important projects you completed as a part of your coursework.
  • Work experience
    • List your experience and projects completed, accomplishments, etc. by your position with each employer.
    • We want to see important details on your specific accomplishments.
  • Additional information
    • Anything that shows how unique you are.
    • Include any awards, articles you published, courses that you teach.

Interviewing tips

  • Know Novaleaf and what part of Novaleaf interests you.
  • If you are interviewing for a software engineering or technical role, be ready to answer high-level technical questions on data-structures and algorithms. We would like you to code up your answers on boards with our engineers.
  • Ensure that you can do what your CV/resume says.

Hiring Process
  • Once you apply for a job at Novaleaf, your CV/resume will be reviewed by the manager of that department - for instance, if you're applying for a position in programming then our head programmer will be reviewing that.
  • After the screening, if you pass, you'll receive a take home test, depending on what position you're applying for.
  • If you pass the test, we'll schedule for an onsite interview which will take about 2-4 hours. There will be at least 2 interviewers.
  • After that, we will inform you the results within 1 week. Good luck!