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Internship Program

Novaleaf offers unpaid internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students all year-round. We accept applicants from Thailand and abroad. At Novaleaf, students will sure to have hand-on experiences in their related work fields. Novaleaf assigns a supervisor and on-job trainers to all interns to ensure that every intern will gain proper education and experience from the program.


Hiring Policy

  1. Novaleaf accepts only 2 interns for a specific role at any given time. We offer internship to qualified applicants on the first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. Novaleaf provides equal opportunities to domestic and international students to participate in the program.
  3. Novaleaf will NOT process partially completed application. Please submit all required documents to be considered for any position in the company.
  4. Please note that English is the primary language used in the office. While we do NOT hire people based on their English skills (except for positions in business development area). Applicants shall at least be able to communicate their ideas in English.
  5. For accepted international applicants, Novaleaf will sponsor work permit and related expenses. Our business staff will assist you with anything you might need to live comfortably in Thailand. However, we are unable to offer relocation bonus or housing compensation to any interns.
  6. Interns’ benefits include (but not limited to) free drinks, free dinners, transportation subsidies, R&D time, access to Novaleaf library and lounge.
  7. We recommend students to apply early since we receive a high number of applications in any given period.
  8. Novaleaf is unable to offer internship to any students that cannot give us an acknowledgement letter from your university/faculty/department. The letter should state that you are allowed to participate in the internship program, or that internship is a part of your coursework. The internship period should also be indicated in the letter as well.

Application Requirements

For interested students, please contact us.

  1. Resume
  2. A short essay explaining “Why you want to work at Novaleaf?”
  3. Most recent school transcript
  4. Sample of work/ portfolio (not required for some business functions. Please contact us to check if you are exempted.)
  5. Please indicate the position/ area of work that you want to do the internship for as well as the time period in the email.

Note: An acknowledgement letter from your university is required after you are accepted to the program.



1. I am not good at English; can I still apply for the internship?

- YES if you are not looking for an internship in business development. As long as you can communicate to your team, we do not care if you use bad English or wrong grammar. ;)

2. When is your peak time for the internship?

- We receive a highest volume of applications asking for the internship during March-May period.  This is because it is the normal time for students in Thailand to get internship. All applicants are urged to apply early if they want to get internship for the period.

3. I really want to do internship at Novaleaf, but my university refuses to issue me such an acknowledgement letter. Could you just please please let me participate in the program?

- We are really sorry, but NO we cannot let you join the program. Though, if there is anything that you believe we could do to help you get the letter, please contact us. We will see into that.

4. Who can I call to ask questions about the program?

- We prefer to answer questions via email. However, if you feel that you need to call to discuss about your problems/ questions, please call our office number during the business hours and ask to speak with anyone in the HR department regarding the internship program. Please refrain from contacting any of our officers outside the work hours even you know their personal numbers. They deserve to enjoy their breaks/ holidays.


- Sun and Nat

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