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During March – May 2008, Novaleaf had welcomed 2 interns from Rangsit University (Thailand) for positions in game developers: Mr. Rachan Niamprasert (Sun) and Mr. Nat Sararit (Nat). Before joining Novaleaf, Sun has previously created a number of games including “SanThai”, a national winning RPG game that educate players about Thai culture. Nat has created his own games before as well. One of his game about living in the forest won the 3rd prize from Thailand Animation Multimedia (TAM) year 2008.


At the end of internship, Nat and Sun has created a game called “Blast Strike Mania”. This is a third-person shooting typed of game with a unique bullet-bouncing ability. Novaleaf has asked each of them to share their experiences during internship at Novaleaf with our potential interns. The below are their responses to our questions:


Why did you apply for the internship program at Novaleaf?

Nat - My teacher recommended the company to me. Also, I have seen the game (Biology Battle) made by Novaleaf before. It was impressive! I want to learn English as well.

Sun - I think Novaleaf is the best game studio in Thailand.


How was your experience? What have you learned from Novaleaf?

Nat - I learned a lot about graphic & game. Novaleaf taught me how to work systematically in team. I also had a chance to learn about the process of game production, and how to write a game design document. Everyone at Novaleaf was so friendly. Although they were very busy at work, they did find time to teach me.

Sun - I met a lot of smart and good people! I learned how to work and divide work among people in the team. Previously, I only had a chance to work in a group of 2 people. So, it was pretty easy to divide work. The experience was a real eye opening to me. I did not only learn about programming. I learned about planning and English as well.


What is your career goal? Did Novaleaf help you progress toward your career goal? How?

Nat - I want to be either a game designer or a project leader.  During my internship at Novaleaf, I learned a lot of international ways to work in the industry for both production and business side like marketing.

Sun - I want to have my game studios someday. At Novaleaf, I learned that there are more than just about to make a game that I like. We have to consider other factors such as marketing as well.


Anything you want to share with other students who might be thinking about applying to the internship program at Novaleaf?

Nat - If you want to improve your English and programming skills, Novaleaf is the right place. Here, you will also learn about real work. Novaleaf is a very good place. I strongly recommend you to apply.

Sun - If you are not afraid of speaking English, you should apply to work here. You will learn a great deal.