R&D Labs: Skunkworks Developer(GWT, WPF, Qt, Java, C#, C++, client-server)

Position Location
: Novaleaf: Surawong Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

Positon Summary
: Novaleaf is seeking skilled developers to join our R&D Labs team.  We are hiring R&D developers to write a revolutionary new cross-platform GUI development framework and an innovative online community website using the new technology.

Career Level
: All career levels may apply (Junior, Mid-level and Senior positions are available).

Responsibilities Include
  • Designing and implementing modular components for the language-independent UI Framework.
  • Developing code translation backends for C#, Java and C++ targets.
  • Leveraging solutions like Google Web Toolkit, Windows Presentation Foundation, Qt, and custom domain specific languages.
  • Integrating standard Linux based server tools into the framework.
  • Collaborating daily with an international research team and create revolutionary, cutting edge software.
  • Being a motivated "team player" in a fast paced, challenging and fun work environment.
  • Working autonomously with a self-motivated approach.
  • Any age, nationality, or gender:  Novaleaf is an equal opportunity employer, and can obtain work visas
  • Very good English: Both verbal and written (required for collaboration with teams in England and France)
  • Good programming skills:  Good programming experience (at a personal and/or professional level depending on career level) must be shown. At minimum, you must be able to code a simple data-structure (such as a Double-Link-List) during the interview (in one of the specified languages), and it must be syntactically correct and bug free.
  • Knowledge of Linux based server administration:  Familiarity with the Linux operating system and ideally experience in Linux server administration will be a necessity.
  • Self-management under the project manager's guidance: You must be able to follow general instructions and manage yourself. Example: Follow the steps shown in the “To Apply” section below.
To Apply: Send the following to Labs-HR@Novaleaf.com
  • Required:
    • The subject line should include "201012 Skunkworks GUI Developer".
    • State your career level (Junior, Mid-Level, or Senior).
    • Resume / CV.
    • If you are a Junior level developer also include your School Transcript.
    • A Statement on your background as a software developer, both personal and professional (when did you start programming, what technologies have you worked on and for what types of projects, etc.).
    • A small, annotated example of your previous work, ideally a GUI based example.
  • Optional
    • Biography / Personal statement.
    • A portfolio of your best work (code samples, design documents, etc).

For more information on Novaleaf's progressive corporate culture, please visit our Career page.